Sure, the only time that the lazy, intellectually stunted, indolent layabout, Henry "Hank" Tofflemire Laporte, ever raised his hand at school was to scratch his armpit...

But what the hell does that matter when your father is notorious, womanizing SEX PERVERT, Leo Laporte?

So, just what happens when your father
cheats on your mother with the scheming office slut,
and breaks up the sacred family home of twenty years?

To hell with these three! I'm outta here!
I don't care if she is a
scheming, greedy gold-digger!
I'm gonna cheat on my own family
of twenty years with the
nymphomaniac office slut instead!

- Vile, Womanizing Sex Pervert, Leo Laporte

If you're lazy, indolent layabout, Hank Laporte,
you get sent to a $500/day party school for two years!
- the pitiful Leo Laporte's laughable attempt
to buy the love of his pathetic offspring.
That'll make up for it, right? Right?

Two years later, what was the end result?

Hank Laporte is now a lazy, unemployable, indolent layabout!

So NOW what is the solution?

Two years at a $500/day university and you still have to rely on NEPOTISM for employment?!? Meet Henry "Hank" Tofflemire Laporte (who, like father like son, once tweeted "We are all cumshots") then became a so-called "Advertising Sales Executive" at the corrupt, nepotistic, sex-scandal-infested

My dad slept with a whore and broke up my family home
but at least I got a job out of it! Huh, huh, huh!

Now, do you wanna buy an ad, read by a pervert?

I support my hedonistic lifestyle be conning hundreds of companies out of their marketing budget - do you really think I give a shit about NEPOTISM?

Leo Laporte - Podcasting's BIGGEST piece of shit


(No, it turned out that the indolent layabout quit after a few weeks and daddy paid for him to go on an all-you-can-drink trip to Thailand for several months instead.)

A pitiful joke in his own industry and now
proving that he is as pathetic a father
as he is a so-called "Tech Guy",
the impossible has actually happened:

Corrupt con-man and
perverted, womanizing, sexual predator
Leo Laporte - his indolent kids have turned out
to be even bigger losers than he is!